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Return policy

Complaints procedure BOND Reality – franchising network, s.r.o., Laténska 2/b, 851 10 Bratislava. Address of the office for filing complaints: BOND Reality headquarters, Mlynské Nivy 58, 821 05 Bratislava, mobile contact 0918 639 411, razova@bondreality.sk.

The complaint procedure is valid and binding for all BOND Reality franchising partners.

Complaint procedure:

  • The consumer can, based on his own judgment, file a complaint against the services provided by any of the brokers or franchising partners working under the BOND Reality brand in writing to the address of the BOND Reality headquarters listed above. Complaints can also be submitted in writing by email to razova@bondreality.sk, but delivery of the complaint must also be confirmed in writing as received from the given address.
  • The BOND Reality head office is obliged to enter every single complaint in the complaint book
  • The complaint protocol can be freely downloaded from the website www.bondreality.sk. If the client is unable to print the complaint form, he can file a similar complaint in writing, but the complaint must contain all the required points of the protocol, in particular:
  • BOND Realities will check the situation and handle the claim in the shortest possible time, but no later than 14 calendar days. In case of additional questions, BOND Reality will contact the consumer in order to find out the exact details of the reasons for the complaint.
  • The response to the consumer will be sent in writing to the email address specified by the consumer, either by email or by letter to the consumer's address.
  • If BOND Reality recognizes an error, the consumer will be informed in writing and BOND Reality will send the consumer a proposal for solving the specific situation. In the opposite case (non-recognition of the claim), the consumer will receive a written notification and the reason for rejecting the claim for the services provided by any of BOND Reality's partners.
  • All documents, personal data and the like delivered to the BOND Reality headquarters are subject to the protection of personal data of clients in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Slovak Republic.

The complaint procedure is binding for every BOND Reality partner and takes effect on April 21, 2021

Downloadable document

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