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Our satisfied clients include:

  • Private individuals, people interested in real estate purchase, sale or lease
  • Development companies
  • Investment companies
  • Banking companies
  • Legal companies and real estate funds

BOND Reality has been among the most significant and most experienced sellers and consultants of development projects for years. We adjust and implement projects from A to Z (from an initial analysis and project adjustment to its hand-over to administration). We are able to sell what the others are not.

The most important references:

  • Metrostav, a.s.
  • BZ Group (Koloseo Project)
  • ZIPP Strabag
  • Realcorp Development
  • Bratislavská stavebná spoločnosť
  • EXTECO s.r.o.
  • Eternity development
  • DEXTRAM s.r.o.
  • HB Reavis Group
  • SL.S Group
  • INTERCOM Development (a member of the Grafobal Group)
  • several foreign real estate funds and other.