BOND Reality

  • The biggest real estate agency in Bratislava for over 20 years.
  • We are among the most experienced and most successful sellers of new buildings in the Slovak Republic
  • The current number of experienced brokers and agents in the position of agent and/or senior broker: 20 and 3 junior brokers

We have our own CRM booking system for the management of sale of new flats.

The developer has all statistics, reports, marketability states and other online at any time. The system exports current states directly to the website, draws attention to deadlines, registers individual instalments, draws attention to expired bookings or unsettled invoices, provides the possibility to inspect marketing information or client status virtually at any time. The system enables various settings of administrator access and visibility of individual information only for authorised workers depending on their access privileges. The system allows several sellers to sell without the need of shared Excel tables or constant checking of vacant flats. We also can provide the use of Real Pad programme.

Current portfolio of our company:

  • turn-key real estate services (purchase, sale, lease ... )
  • complete services of a centre of new buildings and the management of sales of the biggest flat projects on the market
  • provision of a complete portfolio of financial and mortgage services
  • consulting services and counselling for individual clients
  • consulting services for investment groups and developers
  • real estate reconstructions
  • engineering
  • provision of real estate administration

Dominant services - turn-key real estate services (purchase, sale, lease ...) and complete services of a centre of new buildings and the management of sales of the biggest flat projects on the market

Our main advantages over the competition

  • absolute knowledge of the market and real experience in the real estate business and sale of the largest flat projects
  • team cooperation with the client
  • results orientations.

Our success means

  • Experience
  • Permanent analysis of the real estate market
  • Pro-client orientation of the whole team
  • Exceptional local background
  • Above-standard relations with the financing institutions, offices
  • Close cooperation with the professional public
  • Unrivalled conditions in media houses
  • Unrivalled conditions in advertising, media and PR agencies

Today, thanks to good references of the company and its active participation in creating standards for real estate brokers, BOND reality is known as a serious and secure partner.